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Wingnuts Triumphant!

Mishan Jabouri on Al-Jazeera

As you know, Saddam executed my own brother and many of my relatives. He executed the uncle of my children. But the way he was executed proved Saddam was a brave man. He has truly become our martyr, and we will visit his grave like the graves of the righteous....


They sentenced him to death and executed him on the holiday. The people who executed him are the same people who executed ibn Al-Khattab [the Rightly-Guided Commander of the Faithful Omar]. These are the same people who killed [the Rightly-Guided Commander of the Faithful] Abu Bakr.... Sorry, the same people who hate Abu Bakr and all the prophet's companions....


The heroic martyr Saddam Hussein has become an imam for resistance fighters all around the world...

The political class of the Iraqi Traditionalists appears to be following a flawed strategy. Their strategy is to annoy the Americans with booby-traps and car bombs until the Americans withdraw from Iraq, at which time the Iraqi branch of the Party of the Prophet's Son-in-Law Ali and the Iranians will kill them all.