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Can the Republican Party Nominate a Non-Wingnut?

Ezra Klein is disappointed:

Ezra Klein: The End of Romney?: While we're on the subject of 2008, I just don't see how Mitt Romney survives this video....

That's not a qualified defense of choice. It's a full-throated, self-righteous defense of his long-standing, totally immutable belief that women should be able to control their reproductive health. And this isn't from 1993, it's 2002 -- post-9/11, still in the Bush-era. Such a total transformation on such a high-profile issue within five or so years just isn't very credible. Either he was lying then, is lying now, or lacks any convictions to lie about at all. But that video, juxtaposed with his current statements on abortion, will create an ad easily able to sink his candidacy...