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Fire David Broder Today (Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?/Washington Post Department)

Bush Administration Cannibalism Department

Bush Administration hack Joseph DiGenova announces that cossack Alberto Gonzales and company don't work for Czar George W. Bush at all:

Gonzales' plight puts Bush at risk - Los Angeles Times: other Republicans defended Rove. "There's no suggestion of illegality in anything he has done," DiGenova said. "He wasn't the one making inaccurate representations on Capitol Hill. I would think that would trump any demand [from Congress] for testimony." Rove, speaking at a university last week, dismissed the controversy as groundless. "We're at a point where people want to play politics with it," he said....

[T]he Justice Department and White House made matters worse by repeatedly issuing inconsistent and incomplete accounts of how the U.S. attorneys had been fired."The incompetence has been amazing," DiGenova charged. "Managing crises, beginning with preventing crises, is what life in Washington is about.... But these guys didn't have a plan ready to answer questions once the problem became public. They still don't have their stories straight. "There are too many Stepford husbands in this administration: young men who are perfectly coiffed and have great clothes, but very few of them have ever been in a courtroom," he added.