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Taking The Fifth Amendment

Monica Goodling Has Reason to Fear

Dan Froomkin points out why Monica Goodling has reason to fear:

Dan Froomkin - Bush's Monica Problem - washingtonpost.com: Here is the full text of the statement and letters from Goodling's attorney, John M. Dowd. He argues that "the hostile and questionable environment in the present Congressional proceedings is at best ambiguous; more accurately the environment can be described as legally perilous for Ms. Goodling." He even goes so far as to challenge the legitimacy of the hearings, which he suggests are being held for political purposes. And he cites "numerous examples of witnesses who gave testimony before Congress and then faced criminal investigations and even indictments for perjury, false statements, or obstruction of congressional proceedings, including United States v. Poindexter, United States v. North, United States v. Safavian, and United States v. Weissman. . . . [T]he potential for legal jeopardy for Ms. Goodling from even her most truthful and accurate testimony under these circumstances is very real. One need look no further than the recent circumstances and proceedings involving Scooter Libby."

But here's one thing all those people had in common: They lied.