Should Defense Secretary Gates Have Made Closing Guantánamo a Deal Breaker?
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More Journamalism (Time Magazine Edition)

Karen Tumulty of Time really wishes she didn't have to spend time listening to candidates talk about health care:

Re: Nevada Health Care Forum--Tumulty's Take - Swampland - TIME: Okay, after three very intense hours (plus) onstage moderating this health care forum, I really needed a massage and a margarita. Not in that order.... I suspected that my colleagues in the press filing center weren't entirely thrilled at spending a Saturday in Las Vegas this way, and it was confirmed when this e-mail appeared on my Treo as I prepared to go onstage:

In the press file. We have taken a vote. We don't want to write about health care. Please adjust accordingly. xoxo,

But that was my mandate, so I swallowed my butterflies, communed with my inner wonk and forged ahead.

Would it be asking too much to have Time replace Tumulty with somebody who actually likes learning about candidates thoughts and plans on health care? Rather than somebody who sounds like she is having a root canal?