The Best Bunch of Prosecutors You Would Ever Want to Fire

"The Firehose Economy"

Josh Quittner: January 23, 2007:

Netly News: Last Thursday morning, the B2 blog network, less than 3 months old, hit a milestone of sorts: Though January was only half over, our little cooperative had already garnered a million pageviews. (Actually, it was 1,006,433, at that moment, to be precise.) Now, I know that's teensy compared to established, first-tier blogs. And it doesn't even bear mentioning next to the likes of, say, our big brother, CNNMONEY, which does 300x that much per month; 101 Dumbest Moments in Business got over 6 million pageviews within 5 hours of its launch this morning. But it illustrated an important point and ratified our idea for a blog network: The content game has rapidly become one, giant Firehose Economy...