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The Penn Is Mightier than the Card Check

I don't believe in primaries. I believe that only in rare cases can voters gain enough information to be good judges about which candidate it would be best to put forward in the general election. And I definitely don't believe in negative campaigning for the primaries.

But this made me yelp:

Ezra Klein: The Penn Is Mightier Than The Card Check: Mark Schmitt writes:

The bottom line is I kind of keep track of [Hillary pollster Mark] Penn. And like every good Washingtonian with a few million dollars in mortgages, he seems to hold at least three jobs at once: He's Senator Clinton's pollster and political advisor. He runs his own corporate polling firm, Penn, Schoen and Berland. And, finally, he is the "Worldwide President and CEO" of Burson-Marsteller, the fifth largest public relations firm in the world. That's a big title, and it seems like it would be a big job. Prowl around the Burson-Marsteller web site, and you'll see that it's a company that does lots of things.

One that might be of interest to liberals thinking about whether to support Clinton is "Labor Relations." In this section, Senator Clinton's top advisor's company says, "Companies cannot be caught unprepared by Organized Labor's coordinated campaigns whether they are in conjunction with organizing or contract negotiating ... That is why we have developed a comprehensive communications approach for clients when they face any type of labor situation."

You're kidding me. Hillary Clinton's top pollster runs a public relations firm with a unionbusting department. Has anyone, you know, told the unions?