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Congratulations to Ms. Ana Marie Cox

Why Oh Why Are We Ruled by These Liars?

From Josh Micah Marshall's TPM Muckraker:

TPMmuckraker March 24, 2007 02:00 AM:

From:Scolinos, Tasia
Sent:Tuesday, November 21,2006 1 :20 PM
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Subject:RE: USA replacement plan

Paul Charlton (D. Ariz.)
Carol Lam (S .D. Cal.)
Margaret Chiara (W.D. Mich.)
Dan Bogden (D. Nev. 1)
John McKay (W.D. Wash.)
David Iglesias (D.N.M.)

The one common link here is that three of them are along the southern border so you could make the connection that DOJ is unhappy with the immigration prosecution numbers in those districts.

It would not be true, since it is an ex-post-facto rationalization. But you could make that connection if you were a lying Bush Republican swine.