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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Fred Hiatt of the Washington Post Edition)

More journamalism from Fred Hiatt.

Fred Hiatt, April 2007:

Fred Hiatt: We published Liz Cheney's piece based on her qualifications as a former high-ranking State Dept. official with oversight of Near Eastern Affairs. I don't believe qualified professional women need to be identified by their husbands or fathers, even when well-known...

Fred Hiatt, January 2005:

Fred Hiatt: When we publish a letter to the editor, we formally ask writers whether they have any conflict of interest that should be disclosed. By that we mean any relationship -- financial, family, employment or otherwise -- that a reasonable reader might consider relevant. We try to ascertain the same from op-ed writers, though the question has not been part of our official acceptance process. From now on it will be...

Five years. I give the Washington Post as we know it five years.