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Distinguishing Tyler Cowen from Alex Tabarrok

This is directed at me. Alex--no, Tyler--no, Alex writes:

Marginal Revolution: Tyler v. Alex: Guide to the Perplexed: Lately I’ve noticed that people are confusing posts from Tyler with posts from me.  Here is a simple guide for the perplexed:

  • References to a cymbalist/Dadaist/expressionist that you have never heard of.  Tyler.
  • References to Dog/Rush/Hayek (Salma).  Alex
  • A simple question with ten answers.  Tyler.
  • A complex question with one answer.  Alex.
  • You have no idea what the post means.  Tyler.
  • You know exactly what the post means and it makes you mad as hell.  Alex.

Should that be "cymbalist" or "symbolist," Alex... Tyler... Altyexler?