Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Shrill!
links for 2007-05-28

Hoisted from Comments: What If Your Reaction Is: "I Pity the Poor Fool!"

Alex Tabarrok wrote a handy guide for distinguishing Tyler Cowen's writings on from his, and I quoted it:

Distinguishing Tyler Cowen from Alex Tabarrok: Marginal Revolution: Tyler v. Alex: Guide to the Perplexed: Lately I’ve noticed that people are confusing posts from Tyler with posts from me.  Here is a simple guide for the perplexed....

You have no idea what the post means.  Tyler.
You know exactly what the post means and it makes you mad as hell.  Alex...

And now Andres asks:

What if you know exactly what the [Marginal Revolution] post means but it only makes you pity the fool, Mr. T-style? Which one then?