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Has the Republican Party Outlived Its Proper Lifespan?

Passage to a Human World

Brink Lindsey praises Max Singer's truly wonderful book, Passage to a Human World: - The Age of Abundance » Blog Archive » Passage to a Human World: America’s experience with mass prosperity is the leading edge of a global phenomenon. The fundamental nature of this transition from scarcity to abundance is well captured by the title of this post — which is also the title of an excellent but underappreciated 1987 book by Max Singer.

Here Singer summarizes his thesis (p. 4):

No other word as aptly describes the character of the new world into which we are passing as the word “human.” The new features of this world are being created by people. In this new world the most basic fact of life – how much of it each person will have — will be determined by the genes of our human species, not by external natural forces that cut human life short. Humans will be plentiful, and their lives will be the kind of lives that we think of as normal human lives — concerned mostly with human creations, not with a constant struggle against nature...