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Can't You Do Better than This, Mr. Harwood?

Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?

Atrios asks us why David Broder cannot consult the fact machine, and sends us to Media Matters:

Media Matters: In his May 17 column... David Broder asked whether congressional Democrats will renew President Bush's trade promotion authority... the "same free hand that [Bush's] predecessors have enjoyed." But... Clinton was deprived of trade promotion authority... [it] expired in 1994 during Clinton's first term [and] was not renewed.... Broder wrote:

The issue of trade policy... is now squarely before the Democratic Congress. It will almost certainly provide a huge challenge to its leadership.... And then comes the monumental question of whether to give President Bush the same free hand that his predecessors have enjoyed in negotiating global and regional trade agreements, not amendable by Congress but subject only to an up-or-down vote...

It's not rocket science we're dealing with here. And if David Broder can't fact-check himself, the Post could still afford to have somebody fact-check him.