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Hoisted From Comments: Your #1 Source for DC News Ought to Be: McClatchy Washington Bureau

Hoisted from comments: Corvid writes:

Your #1 Source for DC News Ought to Be: McClatchy Washington Bureau: McClatchy also led the way on the U.S. Attorney scandal. Here's the deal with McClatchy, formerly Knight-Ridder: They're not a big-name MSM news organization, therefore they avoid the huge handicap of having Washington insiders leak to them. The problem with leakers is that: 1) 9 times out of 10 they're self-serving and therefore the supposed info they give out is either counter-informative, a smokescreen or a distraction; 2) leakers expect their leaks to be published or else they'll abandon the leakee reporter, so even a good-hearted bigshot journo captured by them feels obligated to go with the leak even if he thinks the info doesn't smell quite right; and, 3) most bigshot reporters are not good-hearted but rather lazy, lazy, lazy and very much enjoy their symbiotic relationships with the self-serving leakers in their Rolodexes.

McClatchy is lacking in this respect and is therefore free to do some independent thinking and reporting. They're not great, but can be a useful reality check. I, for one, will visit their new Washington Web site (also recommended highly by Josh Marshall) daily.