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links for 2007-06-15

Indian Mangoes

Anil Dash issues a globalization alert:

Anil Dash: Indian Mango Alert Level: Orangish-Green: Indian mangoes have arrived in the U.S. for the first time, and for me, my family, and my friends, this is a big freaking deal. I've got a lot to say about the subject, but if you weren't familiar with the fact that this is the first time in history that we in the United States are able to eat mangoes that are actually from the place that mangoes were born, it's time to get acquainted.Some good recent news coverage:

From the Boston Globe, Indian Mangoes Arrive At Long Last: Last March, President George W. Bush signed two landmark pacts with India: one on nuclear technology, the other lifting a 17-year restriction on the import of Indian mangoes. The world's news media paid attention to the nuclear accord. But in the Indian community here and throughout the country, the magic word was "mango."