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Ronald Reagan on the Caribbean!

From Douglas Brinkley, ed. (2007), The Reagan Diaries (New York: Harper Collins: 9780060876005).

Wed Jan 28 1981: Visit by P.M. Seaga of Jamaica, his wife and members of his admin. Our 1st state luncheon. He won a terrific election victory over a Cuban backed pro-communist [Michael Manley]. I think we can help him and gradually take back the Caribbean which was becoming a "Red" lake.

Thur Jan 14 1982: Jeanne K. tells me a Soviet ship designed to neutralize efforts to detect presence of Soviet Nuclear Subs has reached Cuba. First time such a ship has ever been in Am. waters. This definitely is an offensive weapon--thus a violation of '62 agreement.

Fri Jan 15 1982: An NSC meeting re Cuba. My own thought is that we should create a plan to urge Cuba and yes Castro to come back into the orbit of the Western Hemisphere. Castro is in trouble--his popularity is fading, the ec. is sinking and Soviets are in no position to help. We could start a campaign to persuade him and the disenchanted Cubans to send the Russians home and once again become a member of the Latin Am. community.