Poverty Traps: The High Price of Investment Goods in Poor Countries
Gramscian Hegemony in Action

Scott Eric Kaufmann Is Procrastinating Again!

Strangely enough, he does not seize the Moral High Ground:

Acephalous: BLOGWARS! (An Interactive Humor MUD): You are standing near the Moral High Ground. To your South are Theists (or Theorists). To your North are Atheists (or Anti-Theorists). To your East and West are scorched earth, battered egos and hurt feelings.


You see scorched earth, battered egos, hurt feelings and hear the unmistakable whine of the dissertator. The earth, though scorched, shows signs of heavy travel. At your feet is a book with as many Post-Its as dog's ears.

manhandle book

Londonesque solution!

Sorry, I don't know how to manhandle. Please try again.

Skim book in superficial manner

You are surprised to see the book skip lightly over the surface of the Sea of Faith to your West, before eventually sinking. Now where did that come from?


Shore of the Sea of Faith

The water looks warm and inviting. The beach is a slippery slope.

To the west is the Waters of Lethe. To the North is a rocky path. To the South is an Intelligent Designer.