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Weblog Organization

My problem is--well, one of my problems is: I have many problems--that this weblog is arranged for my convenience rather than yours, Since there is only one of me but a whole lot of you (5,000 on a slow day for this weblog and all the rest of my website), this seems inverted.

I have made a couple of concessions. Jason Furman demanded an economics-only version, and there is an economics-only version. Students asked for a one-stop version where they could see teaching and only teaching-related files, and there is a teaching-files version.

But otherwise, things are set up for my personal convenience: This main weblog is me throwing things up on the web to see what things will stick, what things google will help the community self-assemble an index to, and so that I can--hopefully--find stray thoughts later on. Shrillblog is a psychological coping mechanism--although whether it saves or hastens the ruin of my feeble remaining shreds of sanity is an open question. Egregious moderation is my attempt to create my personal Platonic ideal of a "politics" magazine--people writing and things written about politics that I want to remember. Morning coffee is for when I figure out what the proper place of video is. And is supposed to be the main home page, the organizational hub and central traffic cop--but not even I find it useful.

I am about to lock down the templates for this website for... I don't know, perhaps a year? I want to add some tweaks that you cannot do in typepad without moving to advanced templates, and once in advanced templates further tweaking becomes a real pain.

But before I do that, I want some feedback. How many of you 5,000 who come by at least every other day find what parts of this whole Rube Goldberg contraption useful? How many of the 50,000 who seem to come by at least once every two months find what parts of this assemblage useful? Praise, criticisms, and--especially--suggestions for improvement with respect to the organization of this website are greatly welcomed for the next week or sol, before I turn the key and lock the templates down.

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