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Robert Waldmann Wants to Deny Robert Samuelson His Free Speech Rights!

He writes, apropos of Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post:

Robert's Stochastic thoughts: Robert Samuelson wrote a very very bad op-ed which contained a claim which interested Matthew Yglesias: "eliminate tax subsidies (mainly the mortgage interest rate deduction) for housing, which push Americans toward ever-bigger homes. (Note: If you move to a home 25 percent larger and then increase energy efficiency 25 percent, you don't save energy.)"

[Matthew] Yglesias notes that 0.75*1.25 is less than one, and suggests a remedial arithmetic course.

I am willing to go further and make a personal sacrifice. I have a mustache. I am willing to support an unconstitutional law that no person who had a mustache on July 26 2007 can ever write an op-ed ever again (damn that would ban Matt too. Cut it off before it's too late).