Don Boudreaux vs. Dani Rodrik on Industrial Policy: I Call This One for Don--I Think It's a Knockout
The Past Week in "Egregious Moderation": July 13, 2007

The Past Week in "Shrillblog": July 13, 2007

We still remember the early days, when the Ancient, Hermetic, and Occult Order of the Shrill was so small that its Grand Conventions consisted of Paul Krugman talking to himself while warming a can of baked beans over a can of sterno while he huddled from the rain beneath a New Jersey Turnpike overpass. Wow, have things changed. Our numbers are now legion: never mind that many of the most shrill are still too embarrassed by their own previous subservience and mendacity to acknowledge that everything they say today was predicted by Paul Krugman and the other Elders of the Shrill back in 2000.

We are now so many that it is impossible to document the shrillness. All we can now do is provide a sample of those who, in the past week, have been visibly driven into shrill unholy madness by the mendacity, malevolence, disconnection from reality, and incompetence of George W. Bush, his administration, and his enablers and sycophants: