What Is the China Policy of "Team Bush"?
Ron Suskind and the Washington Post

Why Is the Washington Post Still Printing?

You would think that they would all have died of embarrassment long before now.

Here's Steve Benen watching the atrocity:

The Washington Monthly: [John] Solomon goes into considerable detail, documenting how often Torrenueva has cut Edwards' hair, how much the various cuts cost, when the cuts started, when the cuts ended, how the two men met, what they have in common, and how Torrenueva feels about the "controversy."

I was particularly struck by Solomon's contention that the story about Edwards' hair is "some kind of commentary on the state of American politics." Solomon passively laments that this has "attracted as much attention as, say, his position on health care."

He seems oblivious to the irony. It's attracting attention because of articles like his. If Solomon thinks reflects this poorly on the "state of American politics," he could ... what's the phrase I'm looking for ... write about something else.

As Anonymous Liberal put it, "It's as if there is some sort of inexorable force at work here. The hair just attracts attention all on its own, like a magnet attracting metal objects. Journalists like John Solomon apparently have no role in this process."