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Notes on the Federal Reserve's Current Actions

Another Psychotic Creep Writing at the New Republic...

The post-ideological Franklin Foer gives keys to the New Republic to Philip Jenkins of Penn State. He complains that PBS is biased doesn't tell its readers that the so-called Muslim science of the medieval period was really borrowed Christian science:

Open University: [T]he Arabs actually borrowed their much-cited "Muslim science" (the astrolabe and so on) from the Nestorians and other Eastern Christians...

And that medieval Spanish Muslims got just what was coming to them when their mosques were turned into churches:

[I]t is rather rich to complain that after the Reconquista, "In an act of utter domination, the Christian king orders the great [Córdoba] mosque consecrated as a Catholic church." Actually, that mosque (like most major Spanish mosques) was itself built on the site of an earlier church.... [T]he purveyors of public broadcasting history have learned something; but they are still offering apologetics, not reality.