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Weirdest First Week of Class Experience EVAR!!

"The 210a students are waiting for you."


"Economics 210a. The students. They are waiting for you. In Evans 608-7."

"But 210a is in the spring!"

"There are seventeen 210a students waiting for you in Evans 608-7 right now."

It turns out that when we in the Economics Department moved 210a from the fall to the spring semester, we never told the registrar. So students who relied on the schedule of classes rather than the Economics Department gossip vine thought 210a starts today.

I am pushing as many of them as I can back to the spring, and I suppose I will wind up doing a reading course for the rest who cannot make the spring time...

UPDATE: We may well have told the registrar. The registrar thinks that I am teaching 210a in the fall, and that Barry Eichengreen is teaching 210a in the spring. We may have just confused the registrar.