Bruce Bartlett on Bush v. Gore
A Historical Document: The Kaiping Mines: The Times of London, March 2, 1905, p. 9

Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? (Ross Douthat Feels Compelled to Apologize for Not Being Ignorant Edition)

Ross Douthat writes:

Ross Douthat: Wonk's Delight: That would be the ongoing Bruce Bartlett-Eric Kleefeld discussion about supply-side economics and the tax system, over at Andrew's place. It starts here; the conversation about the benefits and drawbacks of shifting from income to consumption taxes (like Bartlett, I'm a fan) kicks off here.

(And yes, it's a sign that you've been in Washington too long when you refer to yourself as a "fan" of consumption taxes.)

Think what this means: Ross Douthat feels compelled to apologize for knowing about and caring about an important issue of public policy.

Ross: You have not been in Washington too long. You have hung around ignorant and scornful know-nothing media types too long.