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Frivolous academic purchase of the month: W.S. and E.S. Woytinsky (1953), World Population and Production: Trends and Outlook and World Commerce and Government: Trends and Outlook (New York: Twentieth Century Fund).

Maury Obsteld next door says: "Ah! Woytinsky! You going to scan it all in and put it on your weblog?" World Commerce and Government--the smaller of the two volumes--clocks in at 907 pages.

It seemed that I was old enough and it was cheap enough that I deserved my own copy of Woytinsky...

There is one thing that is very sad. The very last page of World Commerce and Government shows that this was a library copy: it was stamped due back into the library by Jan 13, 1956; Jan 19, 1956; Jun 11, 1956; Oct 1, 1959; Jun 11, 1973; Jul 29, 1983; Jun 01, 1992; Sep 1, 1992; Sep 1, 1995. Which library? Harvard's Littauer Library of Public Administration. This is the copy of World Commerce and Government that I checked out the summer after my first year of graduate school, and returned at the end of July 1983. Littauer Library has gotten rid of it, and I now have it.

I hope it wasn't their only copy, but I don't remember seeing two...