links for 2007-09-30
Late September in the Shrillblog

Egregious Moderation: Late September 2007

Egregious Moderation: A rotisserie-league journal of politics and reality: an egregiously-moderate forum for people who want an online source for punchy liberal analysis and evisceration; especially evisceration. In the age of the internet anyone can speak in the public sphere, and anyone can be a rotisserie-league magazine editor as well...

From Egregious Moderation, September 15-29, 2007:

Scott Eric Kaufman: National Review Really Is a Mutual Incompetence Society
Bill Clinton on the Republicans and Moveon
Rick Perlstein: The Best Wars of Their Lives
Scott McLemee on Zotero
Dilip Hiro: It's the Oil, Stupid
Felix Gillette: Dan Rather’s Last Big Scoop
Rick Perlstein: Bed-Wetter Nation
Phil Carter: House to House
Paul Krugman: Bubba Isn't Who You Think
Stop The Spirit of Zossen 2.0: The Manichean Anti-Koniggratz
Abu Aardvark: CATO: Assessing the Surge
Ilan Goldenberg: Jim Dobbins Is Really Smart
Jon Alterman: The Next Iraq Problem
The Duck of Minerva: Secret Strike (and the consequences of failure)
Ilan Goldenberg: Petraeus's Fuzzy Math
Paul Krugman: What I Hate About Political Coverage
Eric Foner: Review of William Freehling, The Road to Disunion: Secessionists Triumphant
Steven Clemons: Why Bush Won't Attack Iran
Hilzoy: Basra
Ewan MacAskill: Iraq Orders Expulsion of US Security Firm
Stan Collender: Greenspan Agonistes
Gene Healy: Rant: Learning to Love the Imperial Presidency
Joe Klein: Hiding Behind the General
Radley Balko: Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man? Who Cares!
Matt Welch: Iraq Forever
Cosma Shalizi: Ibn Khaldun Cycle-of-History Blogging
Jane Smiley: The Shock Doctrine