Mark Thoma Points Us to Partha Dasgupta's Critique of Bjorn Lomborg
Why Oh Why Does Tom Friedman Still Have a Job?

General Lecture and Other Audio File Archives

For those wanting an easy download of mp3 and m4a files, general Berkeley lecture and other recorded audio archive files for this fall will be at:

101_9_11_07.m4a 11-Sep-2007 19:32 64.2M: World in 1900 PE 101 Lecture
101_9_13_07.m4a 13-Sep-2007 14:32 61.3M: Keynes PE 101 Lecture
101_9_4_07.m4a 05-Sep-2007 07:44 70.8M: World in 1900 PE 101 Lecture
113_8_27_07.m4a 12-Sep-2007 22:12 65.3M: Opening Econ 113 Lecture
113_8_28_07.m4a 12-Sep-2007 22:06 54.4M: Opening PE 101 Lecture
113_8_29_07.m4a 12-Sep-2007 22:14 65.5M: Colonization Econ 113 Lecture
113_9_10_07.m4a 10-Sep-2007 21:31 60.4M: Northern Industry + Slavery Econ 113 Lecture
113_9_12_07.m4a 12-Sep-2007 20:13 51.0M: Slavery + Civil War Econ 113 Lecture
113_9_5_07.m4a 05-Sep-2007 19:12 68.9M: Northern Agriculture Econ 113 Lecture
Bloomberg_Keene_9_14..> 14-Sep-2007 16:37 8.2M: Bloomberg Radio
EHA_9_8_07.m4a 09-Sep-2007 11:41 24.5M: Economic History Association Talk
Global_Imbalances_9_..> 12-Sep-2007 20:16 43.2M: Global Imbalances Talk