links for 2007-09-18
Federal Reserve Takes the Subprime Meltdown Seriously

Green Mileage Auto: Grizzly Peak Prius Edition

Three--no, four observations:

  1. This is an amazingly popular video game. Of the eighteen vehicles I passed on Fish Ranch, Grizzly Peak, and Panoramic, six were playing it...

  2. There appears to be a serious bug in the graphics module of my copy. Today the extraordinarily beautiful hi-res graphics of San Francisco Bay were replaced by a featureless grey background. I must figure out how to reboot...

  3. The key to winning going toward Berkeley appears to be to use a light foot on level 1--coming down into Orinda center form the west--and then a heavy foot on level 2--Orinda center to Fish Ranch. That starts the process of discharging the battery so you arrive at the top of Grizzly Peak with enough spare capacity.

  4. Winning going away from Berkeley is child's play: you cannot climb from the campus up to the Lawrence Hall of Science without a nearly complete battery discharge.

Amongst our observations are...