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Jeffrey Toobin Enters "Opinions on Shape of Earth Differ" Territory

Over at TPM Cafe, Jeffrey Toobin is selling his new book about the Supreme Court. in the words of Darth Vader, I find his lack of frankness... disturbing. As I wrote over there:

Are We in "Opinions on Shape of Earth Differ" Territory?: Ummm... Jeffrey--

You write:

Bush v. Gore may be an exception to this pattern. This may be the case where there was subterfuge [by the Supreme Court justices]. The opinion of the majority was so different from their customary views on important subjects – like Federalism and equal protection – that it is reasonable to conclude that the decision was little more than an attempt to seal the election for the Republican...

Jeffrey: I count two "mays," a "reasonable," and a "little more."

Are you that scared of writing: "Bush v. Gore is an exception. The opinion of the majority was do different from their normal views that nobody not a Republican hack can argue that the decision was anything other than a successful stealing of the election for the Republican"?

And if you are that scared of saying what Bush v. Gore was, what other punches do you pull in your book?

It was at times like this that the Sainted Billmon used to quote Japanese Emperor Hirohito:

Despite the best that has been done by everyone, the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage.