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How Far and Fast Will the Dollar Fall?

Leigh Speakers' Bureau

The Seventeen-Year-Old is going to college next year, which means that I need to think about making more money. (The idea that one might write checks to rather than receive checks from universities is now strange to me.) So I have signed up with the Leigh Speakers' Bureau, which also handles:

Theme: Economics: Chris Anderson; James Austin; Suzanne Berger; William Bernstein; Michael Boskin; John Brandt; Arthur C. Brooks; Pat Choate; Amy Chua; Peter Cornelius; Kenneth Courtis; Clive Crook; J. Bradford DeLong; Emma Duncan; Bill Emmott; Juan Enriquez; Robert H. Frank; William Goetzmann; Vijay Govindarajan; Jacob Hacker; Tim Harford; Douglas J. Holtz-Eakin; Robert Kagan; John Kay; Paul Krugman; Bill McKibben; John Micklethwait; James O'Shaughnessy; Kenichi Ohmae; Maria Otero; Patricia Panchak; John Perkins; Paul Romer; Jeffrey Sachs; Robert Shiller; Kenneth L. Shropshire; James F. Smith; James Surowiecki; Lester Thurow; Alvin Toffler; Martin Wolf; Adrian Wooldridge.