Industrializing America: Econ 113 (Audio)
links for 2007-09-26

Mark Thoma's First Day of Class Has a Somewhat Rocky Start

He writes, from the University of Oregon:

Economist's View: My First Day of Class: Me, with a bit of attitude as I project the syllabus onto the overhead to start class: "For anyone who might be confused, this is Economics 493."

Someone in class, interrupting: "Uhm, isn't this Economics 470?"

Me: "I guess it is. 493 must be my next class."

I am video taping both classes and will post them on the class web pages, and in the rush and worry about getting the camera set up and making sure everything works, I got a bit confused.  I think the videos will be pretty embarrassing - not sure I want my teaching revealed to the world, particularly since I don't usually teach one of the classes, History of Economic Thought, and not knowing which class you are teaching doesn't help at all. I haven't done live videos before, only ones I shot outside of class, so it will be interesting to see how this goes.

Clearly I--with my hit-or-miss audio files--am outmatched here.