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Pigs return to earth, and the New York Times returns to form.

Is there any reason for Patrick Healy to have a job at a modern American newspaper?

Laughing Matters in Clinton Campaign: This was my first close encounter with Senator Clinton, and with The Cackle.... Mrs. Clinton is the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination right now, and the commensurate political attacks and criticism are coming at her from all sides. She needs ways to respond without appearing defensive or brittle, her advisers say.... [L]ess often but more notably, she copes with the pressure by using The Cackle. At Wednesday’s Democratic debate, for instance, former Senator Mike Gravel complained about her vote on an Iran resolution and said he was “ashamed” of her. Asked to respond, Mrs. Clinton laughed before responding, as if to minimize the matter.

Last Sunday... I don’t know what she had for breakfast, but her laughter was heavily caffeinated.... Chris Wallace... drew a huge cackle.... Mr. Wallace switched gears and said, “let me ask you about health care,” and she responded, “Yeah, I’d love you to ask me about health care” — and then let it rip, again, a bit quizzically. The weirdest moment was with Bob Schieffer... when he said to Mrs. Clinton, “you rolled out your new health care plan, something Republicans immediately said is going to lead to socialized medicine.” She giggled, giggled some more, and then couldn’t seem to stop giggling — “Sorry, Bob,” she said — and finally unleashed the full Cackle...