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Joel Kovel Is an Idiot

For some incomprehensible reason the Rootless Cosmopolitan weblog publishes Joel Kovel, "author of Overcoming Zionism, is a SUNY professor of psychiatry and a Green Party activist who ran against Hillary Clinton for the Senate":

Joel Kovel: [T]he Nobel Peace Prize given to Al Gore... [and] that awarded to Henry Kissinger... nonetheless belongs in the same category, as a prize given by the establishment to itself in proof that The System Works.... Gore proposes moral uplift and technological fixes to bring down the carbon load on the atmosphere, and in so doing, deliberately ignores the real causes of climate change in the workings of our capitalist industrial system and the society it serves. There is of course no mystery as to why he would do so: Al Gore is and has been a proven and well-rewarded servant of that system; indeed, as Vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001 he presided over the greatest increase of carbon emissions in the history of the world and did absolutely nothing effective to check them...

The BTU tax he proposed in 1993 wold have been an effective way to check carbon increases. I don't remember seeing Joel Kovel up on Capitol Hill lobbying and educating in 1993. The global-negotiation process he tried to start with Kyoto would have been effective, and may still be.

It takes a lot of nerve for a Green Party candidate to complain about Al Gore. A lot of nerve.