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UCB Online Schedule of Classes: Search Results: 15-OCT-07, Spring 2008


22579 P 101B 001 LEC TuTh 330-5P 9 EVANS Economic Theory--Macro 4 DELONG, J B 20 SO, JR, SR & BY CATEGORY
22582 S 101B 101 DIS MW 9-10A 61 EVANS Economic Theory--Macro
22585 S 101B 102 DIS WF 11-12P 61 EVANS Economic Theory--Macro
This is a go-faster do-more course--intended for people who would be bored in Economics 100b. (And, I think, not nearly enough people take it.) Proposed schedule:

T Jan 22: INTRODUCTION: The Problems of Macroeconomics: The Federal Reserve in August 2007 [Background reading: Macroeconomics, chs. 1-3]

Th Jan 24: THE LONG RUN: ECONOMIC GROWTH: Solow Model: Capital and Equilibrium. [Reading: Macroeconomics, ch. 4] Reading: Introduction to the Theory of Economic Growth

T Jan 29: THE LONG RUN: ECONOMIC GROWTH: Solow Model: Dynamics and Feedback. Reading: How Fast Does the Economy Head Toward Its Balanced-Growth Path Reading: Two Additional Notes

Th Jan 31: THE LONG RUN: ECONOMIC GROWTH: Application: How Much of Today's World Can We Explain with the Solow growth model? [Reading: Macroeconomics, ch. 5] Problem Set 1 due. Solow Growth Models Scenario Spreadsheet

T Feb 5: THE LONG RUN: ECONOMIC GROWTH: Varieties: Technology, Organization, and Political Economy. Reading: Optimal Innovation

Th Feb 7: THE LONG RUN: ECONOMIC GROWTH: Varieties: From Malthus to Modernity: Understanding the Industrial Revolution. Problem Set 2 due. Reading: Explorations in the Theory of Economic Growth

T Feb 12: FIRST MIDTERM EXAM (Professorial Reality Check Exam).

Th Feb 14: THE MEDIUM RUN: Flexible-Price Models: Components of Aggregate Demand. [Reading: Macroeconomics, ch. 6]

T Feb 19: THE MEDIUM RUN: Flexible-Price Models: Full-Employment Equilibrium. [Reading: Macroeconomics, ch. 7] Reading: Using the Flexible Price Level

Th Feb 21: THE MEDIUM RUN: Flexible-Price Models: Application: Government Budgets, Investment Booms, and the International Side. Problem Set 3 due.

T Feb 26: THE MEDIUM RUN: The Monetary Side: The Quantity Theory of Money, Inflation, and Expectations [Reading: Macroeconomics, ch. 8]

Th Feb 28: THE SHORT RUN: Sticky Prices and Aggregate Demand. [Reading: Macroeconomics, ch. 9] Problem Set 4 due.

T Mar 4: THE SHORT RUN: The IS Curve and Employment [Reading: Macroeconomics, ch. 10]

Th Mar 6: THE SHORT RUN: Sticky-Prices Application: Stabilization Policy since WWII

T Mar 11: THE SHORT RUN: The Phillips Curve and Inflation. [Reading: Macroeconomics, ch. 12]. Problem Set 5 due.

Th Mar 13: CONCLUSION: Tying Up the Short-Run and the Medium Run. Reading: Inflation, Unemployment, and Stabilization Policy

T Mar 18: SECOND MIDTERM EXAM (Core Theory Exam)

Th Mar 20: APPLICATIONS: Should Conservatives Be Central Bankers? Reading: Central Bank Consistency and Credibility: The Analytics

T Apr 1: APPLICATIONS: Is There a Political Business Cycle?

Th Apr 3: APPLICATIONS: Productivity Speed-Ups and Slow-Downs. Problem Set 6 due. Reading: Growth Accounting Reading: Modeling the High-Tech Computer Revolution of the 1990s

T Apr 8: APPLICATIONS: "Fixing" Social Security

Th Apr 10: APPLICATIONS: U.S. Long-Run Budget Balance. Reading: The "Golden Rule" and National Savings

T Apr 15: APPLICATIONS: European Youth and Structural Unemployment. Problem Set 7 due.

Th Apr 17: APPLICATIONS: U.S. Income Distribution

T Apr 22: APPLICATIONS: Understanding the Stock Market Equity Return Premium. On Robert Barro's (2005) "Rare Events and the Equity Premium" and T.A. Rietz's (1988) "The Equity Risk Premium: A Solution" http://delong.typepad.com/print/20070213_note_barro_rietz.pdf; The Gordon Equation, Earnings Yields, and Stock Returns http://delong.typepad.com/sdj/2007/05/a_teaching_note.html; Equity Premium Handout http://www.j-bradford-delong.net/Teaching_Folder/Econ_202b/Handouts/equity.pdf; "Bubbles" Handout http://www.j-bradford-delong.net/teaching_folder/Econ_202b/Handouts/bubbles.pdf

Th Apr 24: APPLICATIONS: China's Exchange Rate. Problem Set 8 due.

T Apr 29: APPLICATIONS: Looking Back at the Great Depression

Th May 1: APPLICATIONS: Manias, Panics, and Crises. Reading: The International Financial Crises of the 1990s

T May 6: APPLICATIONS: The Current Macroeconomic Situation. Reading: Simple Analytics for a Hard Dollar Landing


T May 22: FINAL EXAM 12:30-3:30