Scott Aaronson: PHYS771: Quantum Computing Since Democritus
Economic History Seminar: Jonathan Rose: "Hoover's Truce: Nominal Wage Rigidity in the Onset of the Great Depression"

American Economic History: Paper Topic 3: Dean Baker's "The United States since 1980"

Dean Baker writes the economic history of the United States since 1980 from a rather strident and somewhat shrill left-wing point of view. Do you buy it? That is, decide whether you are more in agreement or disagreement with the political views that Dean Baker uses as an interpretive lens to understand U.S. economic history since 1980. Then, in 1000-2000 words, either:

  1. argue--with examples and illustrations--that Dean Baker convincingly makes the case for his interpretation.
  2. argue--with examples and illustrations--that Dean Baker's political interpretive lens is hopelessly flawed because it omits or misrepresents absolutely key factors and phenomena.

No hedging please! Pick a side!

Due at lecture on December 5.