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Hoisted from Comments: Bonnie on Vioxx

Hoisted from Comments: Bonnie on Vioxx:

Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal: I took Vioxx for 3 and half years and had no heart problems; but, I did have major pain relief. While I was switched to Celebrex, I still have not had the pain relief I had from Vioxx. I took Paxil and had some serious adverse affects long before I took Vioxx. I was outraged and wanted Paxil taken off the market. Yet, since then, I have found some friends and relatives who have benefited greatly by Paxil. Now, with both experiences under my belt, I believe if the people are provided good information about the product and they choose to take it, it should be available.

The thing about all these drugs is that they ALL will help some people miraculaously and hurt some people terribly. However, I resent that I am not able to choose to use Vioxx because of the dishonesty of the drug company and the fear created by the way this issue has been handled. Of course, the other reality is that if there is only a small portion of the public who can use a drug, the companies will not offer them, such as the case of orphan drugs. However, the real problem seems to be the ignorance of doctors and the public about these drugs.

Most of the doctors and the public do no research to find out if what the drug salesman has provided good information beyond the "selling" propaganda. If that occurred the drug company would have more reason to be forthcoming with the studies.