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Jason Kottke on the Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

Jason writes:

15 Things I Just Learned About the Amazon Kindle - Boing Boing Gadgets: Its eBooks have DRM (filetype: .AZW), but it supports unprotected Mobipocket books (.MOBI, .PRC), .TXT files, HTML, and Word. Some files can be transferred over USB, while others have to be emailed to the special per-device Kindle email. (More on that later.) It has a web browser.... You can download text and other files to the device from the web for later storage.... It can play Audible audiobooks... MP3s copied to its internal storage... on random shuffle... a human-powered search query system powered by Amazon's Mechanical Turk... you'll pay for RSS, but not the web. Mobipocket DRM'd files will not work on the Kindle.... PDF is not supported.... GIF and JPEG are supported... only two fonts: Caecilia and Neue Helvetica... the only two file formats this thing can read natively are .AZW and .TXT. That's a huge bummer.

Maybe I am short sighted. But I cannot see a market. For $400 it seems better to get something else, more flexible.