Why Oh Why Can't We Be a Better Press Corps? (William Saletan/Slate Edition)
Let's Have a Daniel Davies Day! ("Liberal College Students Are Not Boddhisatvas" Department)

Let's Have a Daniel Davies Day! ("Tricky Cases Where the Rightwingers Happen to Be Right" Department)

The three classes of rightwingers:

D-squared Digest -- FOR bigger pies and shorter hours and AGAINST more or less everything else: [T]he single most sensible thing said in political philosophy in the twentieth century was JK Galbraith's aphorism that the quest of conservative thought throughout the ages has been "the search for a higher moral justification for selfishness". Some rightwingers are not hypocrites because they admit that their basic moral principle is "what I have, I keep". Some rightwingers are hypocrites because they pretend that "what I have, I keep" is always and everywhere the best way to express a general unparticularised love for all sentient things. Then there are the tricky cases where the rightwingers happen to be on the right side because we haven't yet discovered a better form of social organisation than private property for solving several important classes of optimisation problems...