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links for 2007-11-25

Note to Self: Six Interesting Questions About Corporate Nationality:

  1. Does it matter that a huge hunk of Citigroup is owned by Alaweed
    ibn Saud rather than some guy who lives on Kentucky or Alberta?

  2. Does it matter that Applied Materials--the company that makes the
    equipment other companies use to make the chips other companies use to
    make the gadgets other companies use to market the lifestyle--has its
    headquarters in San Jose, California rather than in Stuttgart or

  3. Does it matter that Applied Materials has its engineers in San
    Jose, California and not in Kuala Lampur or Rio de Janeiro?

  4. Does it matter that venture capital firm Kleiner-Perkins is in Palo
    Alto, California and not in Tokyo or Milan?

  5. Does it matter that Citigroup's headquarters is in New York rather
    than in London or Bombay?

  6. Does it matter that Apple's iPods are made in Shenzhen, China,
    rather than in Austin, Texas, or Window Rock, Arizona?

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  • National regulation: official supervision and merchant management
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • IBM and Lenovo
  • James Fallows on the :-) and China: resources, assembly, and design
    and marketing
  • Political pressure, financial pressure, and post-WWI technology
    transfer from Germany to the U.S.; was political or national financial
    pressure used?
  • Peter Drucker and his predictions about pension-fund socialism
  • Alto Adige and Trentino
  • Gazprom and P&O?