DeLong Smackdown Watch: From D-Squared Digest
links for 2007-11-29

PE 101 Section Teaching

First Section:

  • Ben is off looking for a job, so you have me... * China: The Three Gorges project * Stiglitz on China: develop more of a consumer market. * Stiglitz: Enforcement mechanisms for international trade. * Stiglitz: intellectual property rights. * Suzanne Scotchmer on IP. * Stiglitz: Weblogs--comparisons of Scott and Stiglitz... * Stiglitz: market access proposal... * Stiglitz: 50th anniversary EU address...

Second Section:

  • Neoliberalism: its discontents * 4 grand strategies for post-WWII * Stiglitz as reaction to the fourth unsuccessful strategy * No grand ideologies: local knowledge * Stiglitz reacting to our past readings--or to things like our readings * In the modern world, hard Grover Cleveland-like neoliberalism simply
    won't work * Stiglitz: local knowlege * Governments as inept, NGOs as information sharers * Stiglitz on China: crossing the river by feeling for the stones * Local autonomy does not necessarily mean let national elites run
    things * National elites are better than international elites--they speak
    your language * ETA terrorist hunger strike * Anti-development local elites * Internahional pressure as pointing the road * Support investigative journalism * What to do in Darfur--Egyptian solution * Dilemmas of intellectual property once again