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Ed Glaeser on Ha-Joon Chang

Now What Should I Buy?

20071208_delong_micro.jpg An email request for documentation sends me back to the NR Archives on National Review Online, which reminds me that I have a credit of eight articles in the National Review archives.

I have already bought such classics as George F. Will's declaration that the leading lights of the "new conservatism" are "Governor [Jerry] Brown of California... and... Daniel Patrick Moynihan... [all] splendid from National Review's point of view"; James Burnham's flat-out declaration that "Francisco Franco was this century's most successful ruler"; William F. Buckley's declarations that Franco was "an authentic national hero" and that "history will attest" that Franco "did save Spain in her greatest crisis"; Robert Moss's declaration that General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte and his colleagues were "pro-American"; Brent Bozell's claim that those being chased by dogs and sprayed by water cannon in Birmingham were "Negro rioters" engaged in "insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination or conspiracy... [so that a] class or part of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law"; Wilmoore Kendall's Straussian attack on Abraham Lincoln as a fascist tyrant; Wilmoore Kendall's declaration that "by no stretch of the imagination can the freedom-of-speech clause be construed as prohibiting society its use of... techniques for keeping itself non-open... by which society ultimately defends itself against the corruption of its orthodoxy"; the declaration by someone--"A.H.M."--who has never dared to reveal his identity that "Martin Luther King will never... keep a rabble awake, if it were past its bedtime"; Joseph McCarthy's review of Dean Acheson's books; Frank Meyer's declaration of Joe McCarthy that "His was not a common role... he was a prophet"; Brent Bozell's declaration that the sainted Joe McCarthy was "temperamentally incapable of bearing personal malice"; James Burnham's declaration that anti-McCarthyism was "the broadest and most successful" Communist front operation in this country; et cetera.

What else? Anybody have any other favorites I should add to my collection?