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Trust and Don't Verify!

Rogers Cadenhead:

Long Bet Winner: Weblogs vs. The New York Times | Workbench: In 2002, blogging evangelist Dave Winer made a long bet with New York Times executive Martin Nisenholtz: "In a Google search of five keywords or phrases representing the top five news stories of 2007, weblogs will rank higher than the New York Times' Web site."...

Winer predicted a news environment "changed so thoroughly that informed people will look to [expert non-journalist] amateurs they trust for the information they want." Nisenholtz expected the professional media [like the New York Times] to remain the authoritative source for "unbiased, accurate, and coherent" information....

But Rogers Cadehead says that both were wrong. Today:

our most trusted source on the biggest news stories of 2007 is a horde of nameless, faceless amateurs who are not required to prove expertise in the subjects they cover.

What is it? Wikipedia.

Winer wins the bet [he made against Nisenholtz] 3-2, but his premise of blog triumphalism is challenged.... In the five years since the bet was made, a clear winner did emerge, but it was neither blogs nor the Times.

Wikipedia, which was only one year old in 2002, ranks higher today on four of the five [top] news stories [of 2007]: 12th for Chinese exports, fifth for oil prices, first for the Iraq war, fourth for the mortgage crisis and first for the Virginia Tech killings...

20071208_delong_micro.jpg Congratulations to Jimmy Wales and company!

I'm going to have to revive my wikipedia account and start contributing...