Notes for First Lecture: Administration
Econ 101b First Lecture: Substance: Why Macroeconomics?

Intermediate Macroeconomics Schedule and Readings

U.C. Berkeley: Spring 2008: Intermediate Macroeconomics: Spring 2008

J. Bradford DeLong office hours W 10-12
Marc Gersen office hours tba Lecture MW(F) 247 Cory 9-10
Section 1 MW 237 Cory 8-9
Section 2 WF 61 Evans 11-12

Schedule and Readings


W Jan 23: INTRODUCTION: The Problems of Macroeconomics

Theory (with Examples and Illustrations)

The Long Run: Economic Growth

F Jan 25: The Solow Model: Capital and Equilibrium

M Jan 28: The Solow Model: Dynamics and Feedback

W Jan 30: How Much of Today's World Can We Explain with the Solow growth model?

  • Macroeconomics, 5

F Feb 1: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

  • Problem Set 2 out (due Fed 8)

M Feb 4: From Malthus to Modernity: Understanding the Industrial Revolution

  • Macroeconomics, review 5.1
  • Notes: Industrial Revolutions
  • Explorations in the Theory of Economic Growth](
  • Web Assignment 3 out (due Feb 11) Technology and Endogenous Growth

W Feb 6: Technology

F Feb 8: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

M Feb 11: Institutions

  • Notes: Institutions

W Feb 13: Resources

  • Notes: Resources


  • Problem Set 3 out (due Feb 22)

The Medium Run: Economic Fluctuations with Flexible Prices

W Feb 20: Components of Aggregate Demand

  • Macroeconomics, 6
  • Web Assignment 4 out (due Feb 27) Full-Employment Fiscal Policy

F Feb 22: Full-Employment Equilibrium

M Feb 25: The International Side--Plus Government Budgets and Investment Booms

  • Macroeconomics, review 6.3, review 7.5
  • Web Assignment 5 out (due Mar 3) Expectations and Exchange Rate Dynamics

W Feb 27: The Monetary Side: The Quantity Theory of Money, Inflation, and Expectations

  • Macroeconomics, 8

F Feb 29: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

  • Problem Set 5 out (due Mar 7)

The Short Run: Economic Fluctuations with Sticky Prices

M Mar 3: Sticky Prices and Aggregate Demand

  • Macroeconomics, 9
  • Web Assignment 6 out (due Mar 10) Stimulus Packages

W Mar 5: The IS Curve and Employment

  • Reading: Macroeconomics, 10 including 10a

F Mar 7: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

  • Problem Set 6 out (due Mar 14) Investment and Aggregate Demand

M Mar 10: The Phillips Curve and Inflation

  • Macroeconomics, 12, including 12a (optional: 11)
  • Web Assignment 7 out (due Mar 17) Managing Inflation Expectations

W Mar 12: Tying Up the Short-Run and the Medium Run

F Mar 14: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

M Mar 17: Loose Ends

  • Notes: Core Theory Loose Ends


  • Problem Set 7 out (due Apr 7) Stabilization Policy and Central Banking

Applications (with Additional Theory)

Domestic Monetary and Fiscal Policies

M Mar 31: Stabilization Policy since WWII

  • Macroeconomics, review 10.3, review 12.4, 13, 14.1, 16.1-16.4 W Apr 2: Should Conservatives Be Central Bankers?

  • Notes: Central Bankers: Stabilizers, Credible Inflation-Fighters, and Lenders of Last Resort

  • Central Bank Consistency and Credibility: The Analytics
  • Macroeconomics, review 13.6, review 13.7

F Apr 4: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

M Apr 7: Looking Back at the Great Depression: What Went So Wrong?

  • Macroeconomics, 16.3, 16.5
  • Notes on the Great Depression
  • Notes on Liquidity Traps
  • Problem Set 8 out (due Apr 14) Credit Channels

W Apr 9: Is There a Political Business Cycle?

  • Macroeconomics, review 13.6

F Apr 11: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

M Apr 14: U.S. Long-Run Budget Balance

W Apr 16: "Fixing" Social Security

  • Notes on Social Security

F Apr 18: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

Growth and Distribution

M Apr 21: Productivity Speed-Ups and Slow-Downs

W Apr 23: U.S. Income Distribution

  • Notes: American Income Distribution

F Apr 25: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

M Apr 28: European Youth and Structural Unemployment

  • Macroeconomics, 16.5
  • Notes: The Western European Macroeconomy
  • Web Assignment 8 out (due May 5) Behavioral Finance

Domestic and International Finance

W Apr 30: "Animal Spirits": Understanding the Stock and Real Estate Markets

F May 2: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

M May 5: Global Imbalances


Summary and Review

F May 9: What happened this week in the macroeconomy?

  • Web Assignment 10 out (due May 16) Feedback and Recommendations


F May 16: FINAL EXAM 8-11