Econ 101b: Spring 2008: Grading
Intermediate Macroeconomics Schedule and Readings

Notes for First Lecture: Administration

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This is a go-faster do-more course--intended for people who would be bored in Economics 100b (and, I think, not nearly enough people take it). The curve will be high--the idea is that nobody should get a grade lower than they would have gotten in Econ 100b. You will, however, work harder. And the harder you all work, the higher will be the median grade in the class.


  • Daily in-class reaction feedback (40)--what was confusing/boring/interesting about today...
  • Weekly web assignments (10)...
  • Weekly problems sets (10)--due at start of Friday lecture...
  • How many people are on Facebook?

  • MW lectures--spend them on theory and tools

  • F lectures--spend them on current events

  • W sections... do problems like those on the next problem set...

  • FM sections... go over last problems and clean-up from the destruction and unclarity left by the previous week's lecture...
  • Read Jeff Zax on what a discussion section leader really does

  • Facebook: join the Berkeley network, and then join the group...

  • Lecture: 247 Cory 9-10 AM M, W, and most F

  • Section: MW 8-9 AM 237 Cory
  • Section: WF 11-12 AM 61 Evans

Marc Gersen aim:mgersen08 510-541-2326 office hours:
Brad DeLong 925-708-0467 office hours: W 10-12