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Barack Obama Surprises on the Upside

A horse-race post. First, Hilzoy:

Obsidian Wings: Blowout Yesterday, Who Knows What Today?: I expected Obama to win yesterday's primaries and caucusses, but not necessarily by such huge margins: 57%-36% in Louisiana, 68%-32% in Nebraska, 68%-31% in Washington, and 89.9.%-7.6% in the Virgin Islands. Obama seems to have beaten not just my projections, but his own campaign's: his campaign had projected a ten point victory in Louisiana and twenty point victories everywhere else, which was low by ten points in all three states, and way, way low in the Virgin Islands.

No one seems to know what will happen today in Maine. The Obama projections show Hillary Clinton winning narrowly. For what little it's worth, here's's Maine page: the last poll, taken in October, has Clinton up by 46% to 10%, with 5% for Edwards and 35% undecided. Maine seems to be one of the states in this phase of the contest that people think Clinton has a decent shot at taking, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

And now David Kurtz:

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall | Big Win for Obama?: With 44% reporting in Maine, Obama is up 57-42. Late Update: We're now up to 59% reporting, with the same 57-42 split.