Econ 101b: Quantity of Money Problem Set
From Malthus to the Singularity: Econ 101b February 6 Lecture

Econ 101b: Web Assignment 5: Medium-Run Model Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet for playing with the medium-run flexible-price model set out at is now up on the internet at:

Parameters go in g44:g57; outcomes are in g60:g70 and in the graph to the left of parameters and outcomes...

Your assignment is to:

  1. Test the spreadsheet. Download the .xls file, open it in Excel (or equivalent), change one parameter value, and report if what the model says happened makes sense--is the spreadsheet correct?

  2. Analyze the results: explain why--that is, provide some intuition--the spreadsheet reported that your change in the model parameters had the effects that it did...