links for 2008-02-29
Robert J. Gordon Reviews the History of World War II

I Am Not This Spacey, Am I?

"Hello. My name is Brad DeLong. May I please speak to Jason Furman?" "I'm sorry. He's at a conference." "OK. I'll try his voice mail..."

"Hello. This is Brad DeLong again. Somehow I got myself into Eileen Chang's voice mail instead of Jason's. Could you please..."

"Hello. This is Brad DeLong. May I please speak to Peter Orszag?" " Peter Orszag?" "Oops. I just talked to you, didn't I?" "Yes." "Oh. When Peter moved over from the Hamilton Project to become Director of CBO a year ago, I must never have updated the contact. I'm sorry.... You wouldn't happen to have Peter's number handy..."