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Dani Rodrik Doesn't Think Much of "Mr. Kristol"

Jan de Vries, The Limits of Globalization in the Early Modern World

Notes on Jan de Vries's early globalization seminar:

Period: 1500-1800:

  1. Soft vs hard globaization
  2. Boom in trade volume? Price convergence? Monopoly political limits
    to trade?
  3. What set the limits? Asian supply? European demand? Transaction costs?

50000 tons of Asian commodities a year arriving in W. Europe in 1800. 5000 tons in 1600... Asian goods value? 1lb. at wholesale: 1 shilling per pound. Two percent of annual craftsman income...

16th c spices, 17th c textiles, 18th c teas...

New World trade in 1800: 6% of western European consumption...

Pepper price convergence by 1700... No apparent textile convergence... No apparent tea convergence...