Christopher Orr on Eliott Spitzer
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Robert Waldmann on the Rhetorical and Authoritative Status of Blogging

The best statement of this I have seen:

Robert's Stochastic Thoughts: Caveat Lector: I have attempted some calculations.... It is very possible that I have not understood the paper which I am criticizing as... technical terms used by psychologists when talking about statistics are different from the technical terms used by economists when talking about statistics.... [M]any of my calculations were performed with a spreadsheet (good for making errors).... I typed in the raw data from a *.gif file (ditto).... [I] may have made any number of booboos, including conceptual errors. I consider this blog post like a conversation in the corridor and not like a draft paper, working paper or heaven forfend journal submission.

OK, that said, I have the impression that I was right.

Weblogging--the Bocconi branch of the Invisible College...