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The Democratic Primaries Are Over

The Democratic Primaries Are Over.

BHO and HRC each took about half the delegates on offer yesterday. Her failure to reduce the delegate gap that had opened up in February means that BHO is sure to go into the convention with a lead in delegates--albeit not a lead so large that the unpledged delegates decide as a block that HRC would make a better candidate in the fall.

If they decide to do so, I'm fine with that: their judgment on these issues is likely to be better than mine. But I don't think they will--in part because I suspect that they think America's swing independents are more attracted to him, and for that and other reasons BHO would be the stronger candidate in the fall. And I agree that BHO would be the stronger candidate--and I think we have good reason to judge that he would make a better president as well.

So I enthusiastically endorse Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for president in 2008.